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Saturday 18 October 2008

Model-driven security needs to be cross-platform

Another observation we made over the last couple of years is that there will most likely be no "one size fits all" technology platform (e.g. middleware) in today's large, complex IT environments. A plethora of platforms (e.g. web services, JMS, CORBA, CCM, DDS) will probably be used, potentially orchestrated using some BPM technology (e.g. BPMN/BPEL) or model-driven integration (MDI) technology.
As a result, model-driven security needs to be able to ensure correct policy generation and enforcement for all these platforms.
OpenPMF supports policy enforcement for a large number of enforcement points, including web services, JMS, CORBA, CCM, DDS. XACML is also supported to ensure the emerging SOA enforcement landscape can be supported.
Push-button policy generation using model-driven security from a single place only if enforcement is supported cross-platform.

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