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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Give cloud users more control and close the loop: Standards-based policy in, standards-based audit out.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that we need to give end-users more control over what security and auditing the cloud (especially for the higher layers, i.e. PaaS/SaaS) does for them. Cloud providers simply cannot know the end-user organization's business security & compliance policies, and therefore can only provide basic (but important) security and compliance support. This should happen in two main directions of a closed loop:

1) Policy in: we need to have standardized interfaces and policy formats which cloud providers can support, so that end-users can configure authorization, authentication etc. There are some standards out there, e.g. OASIS XACML, but this may be on a too application specific level. My company has advocated the use of models as a generic format to express policy - these can then be implemented automatically by cloud providers using model-driven security. Request more information here.

2) Audit out: We also need standard formats/APIs etc. to let end-user organizations tell the cloud provider what audit information they require, and when. It looks to me that CloudAudit is doing just that.
Would anyone be interested in joining forces to bring a community together to do what CloudAudit does for Policy? Please contact me or post your interest on this discussion.

Feel free to comment on this blog, or join the discussion on the Cloud Security Alliance LinkedIn group.

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