Model Driven Security Policy Automation

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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Model-Driven Security possible without Model-Driven Software Engineering? Of course!

Today I want to clarify that model-driven security (MDS) does not necessarily rely on model-driven development to work - even though it relies on application, system, and interaction models (so-called “functional models”) to achieve significant security policy automation. The traditional MDS approach is that these functional models ideally come from manually defined application models authored during model-driven development (e.g. UML, BPMN). But this is not necessary. We have designed an additional solution for our OpenPMF where the functional models are in fact obtained from an IT asset management tool that is part of our partner’s (Promia, Inc.) intrusion detection/prevention product Raven. This works well, and enables the use of model-driven security in environments which do not support model-driven development or where model-driven development is not desired.
While this may not sound like a big deal, it is in fact a big deal, because it increases the widespread applicability of model-driven security dramatically, and makes adoption a lot easier.


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