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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Cybersecurity in 2015: Manage Impact!

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Dr. Ulrich Lang, CEO, ObjectSecurity said...

OPM hack:

"But even if the systems had been encrypted, it likely wouldn't have mattered. Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Dr. Andy Ozment testified that encryption would "not have helped in this case" because the attackers had gained valid user credentials to the systems that they attacked—likely through social engineering. And because of the lack of multifactor authentication on these systems, the attackers would have been able to use those credentials at will to access systems from within and potentially even from outside the network."

The opm hack once again makes a strong case for using fine-grained, contextual access control for impact control. It would have actually helped, provided that the OPM user credentials had overprovisioned access, which appears to have been the case.